Please follow the instruction to find your Federal Refund status. 

Find Your Federal Refund

You can start checking on the status of your refund within 24 hours after we have received your e-filed return or 4 weeks after you mail a paper return. Where’s My Refund? will give you a personalized date after we process your return and approve your refund.

The tracker displays progress through three stages:

      1. Return Received
      2. Refund Approved
      3. Refund Sent

To use Where’s My Refund, you need to provide your Social Security number, filing status and the exact whole dollar amount of your refund.

Based on IRS website your Amended Tax Return and Prior year tax refund information. 

Amended Tax Returns

Refund information for Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return is not available on Where’s My Refund. Use Where’s My Amended Return? to get the status of your amended return.

Our phone and walk-in representatives can only research the status of your amended return 16 weeks or more after you’ve mailed it.

Prior Year Refund Information

For refund amount information for years prior to the most recent tax year we have on file for you, use Get Transcript.

If you are 100% confirm your refund was lost or stolen or destroyed. 

Generally, you can file an online claim for a replacement check if it’s been more than 28 days from the date we mailed your refund. Where’s My Refund? Will give you detailed information about filing a claim if this situation applies to you.


If you have any question please contact us.